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  • DAY 3 (Wednesday, March 25) — cont’d.

As soon as we arrived at the South Rim entrance (or, one of them) at the Grand Canyon National Park, I knew we were in for something. Of all the national parks we visited over spring break, the Grand Canyon was the most organized — dare I use “regimented”? — and similar to Disney World. It was also teeming with tourists, which was somewhat surprising to me.

“It’s March! It’s cold! Why are there people there?” I exclaimed when I saw the queues of cars and vans and all the people milling around.

Apparently, there are even more people in the summer.

We drove past the first viewpoint, where — even from the road — we could snatch fleeting glances of the Grand Canyon. When Jeff pointed it out, I looked out the car window for myself. Sure enough, beyond the parked cars and wandering visitors and short barricades, I caught my first glimpse of that big hole in the ground.

“OH MY GOD, IT’S HUGE!” was approximately my reaction.

We stopped at the third or fourth big viewpoint for a little bit. There, at the overlook/gift shop, I bought a postcard for my best friend since kindergarten. I also took photos and was even more blown away by how magnificent the Grand Canyon really is.

Part of the South Rim, taken from the first viewpoint we visited.

Part of the South Rim, taken from the first viewpoint we visited.


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