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Today, I bought my cap and gown for May graduation.

Oh, and my journalism school tassel.

I’d like to say that today’s acquisitions constitute the last of my financial contributions to the school — but we all know that’s not true.

I’d like to say that my college education has helped me secure a stable, well-paying, with-benefits job following my graduation — but we all know that’s not true (yet).

Terrified? Yes, I am.

Thrilled? That, too.

But mostly terrified.

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Yesterday was a pretty atypical Tuesday, since on Tuesdays I go straight from my last class to my photo-editing shift at The Columbia Missourian — and I’m in the newsroom until the last assignment comes in.

But yesterday, the Avett Brothers were in town. And Jeff had given me tickets for my birthday. So I arranged not to have to edit at The Missourian all night.

The Missourian at dusk.

Instead, Jeff and I went down the alleyway between the Tin Can and the Missouri Theatre (where the Avetts were to perform)…

Graffiti in the alley.

…and ate for the first time at Ingredient, which features gourmet, customizable salads and burgers.

Waiting for our food at Ingredient. Yes, the light above our table was that harsh/stark.

Then we went to the concert. I didn’t take my camera — because frankly, I was there to enjoy the music.

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I’m a little embarrassed/ashamed about how many of my entries for the 30-day challenge are of food that Jeff and/or I have made.

Homemade nachos pollo. You know you want some. (Should've taken the photo after we topped this with green onions.)

But honestly, food and the making thereof are a huge part of our lives, especially since we pride ourselves in making our meals from scratch. So while I’ve indulged/cheated by taking probably too many photos of the food we’ve made, I would be grossly misrepresenting our lives if I didn’t include this culinary element in some respect.

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More than two weeks ago, I spent my entire weekend at the Mizzou Aquatics Center, where the fourth annual Missouri Grand Prix was going on for four days.

Eric Shanteau swims the championship heat of the 200-meter individual medley finals on the second day of the fourth annual Missouri Grand Prix.

I was there to help the assigned Columbia Missourian photographers — most of whom had never before shot swimming, which I think is one of the more technical, difficult sports to photograph — and edit and submit their photos to the newsroom. But I also had plenty of time to make pictures, so I made full use of this opportunity.

Unfortunately, my portable hard drive crashed just 10 minutes after I’d submitted the photographer’s photos in my last editing shift on Feb. 14. This meant I lost all these photos, and more — until I sent the drive to the data recovery company. Hence, the delay in posting these Grand Prix photos.

View from the diving tower.

Of course, there were many other photographers there, so trying to find angles and content that nobody else was getting was practically impossible. But it was a good challenge, and considering this was my first time at a big swim meet, I’m pleased with how my photos turned out.

This year was also the first year — in my memory — that Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff and a few other big names were not in competition. Due to the snowstorms that were pummeling the east coast at the time, the North Baltimore Aquatic Club swimmers scheduled to compete (including Phelps and Hoff) were unable to attend. Almost every other photographer I know was disappointed about this, but I frankly didn’t mind. I even tweeted, “Oh boo hoo, no Michael Phelps at the MO Grand Prix. There will still be incredible swimmers in the pool too, you know.”

So I, for one, enjoyed not having to stress about getting Michael Phelps photos. And I had fun. Enjoy some photos:

Missouri swimmer Jowan Qupty prepares to compete in the second heat of the 200-meter breakstroke finals.


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