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If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good Chinatown. Strangely, so does my mom. I guess it runs in the family.

My Uncle Doug is a living, breathing Urbanspoon, so we always refer to him when we want to know where we should eat for various types of cuisine in New York City. A few hours before I left New York, he led us through the crowded sidewalks of Manhattan’s Chinatown and to an excellent Chinese restaurant, where I was too hungry and greedy eager to bother taking food photos. Sorry, y’all.

© 2011. Departing Big Wing Wong restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown after eating lunch there. From left to right: my Uncle Doug, my brother, me and my Uncle Arthur.

I also may or may not have had my camera pressed up against my face as we walked off to find a Chinese bakery.

© 2011.

Just a couple of more New York City entries before I’m done blogging about this trip!

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This was the decisive, final game in the league championship series. Serious business was on the line, folks.

And this was the weirdest double-play photo I have ever taken in my life:

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Glen Rock's Tim Frisch throws the ball to first base for a double-play after tagging out Manchester's Chris Langley at second base, as Manchester's Andy Clemens, foreground and left, runs to first in the third inning of the final, decisive game of the Central League Championship Series on Thursday, Aug. 25, 2011, in Glen Rock Community Park in Shrewsbury Township. Manchester defeated Glen Rock 4-2 to win the series.

Re-read the caption if you have to.

Seriously, the weirdest double-play photo I’ve ever made.

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Made this picture while feature-hunting at a York Revolution baseball game. I’m still not entirely convinced that dogs are man’s best friend — after all, what about women? And cats? (The loyalty and affection a certain cat has demonstrated to Jeff are undeniable, and pretty cute.)

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. The York Revolution's unofficial mascot, a dog named Boomer, eats a treat out of trainer Jeff Hoke's hand after performing a few tricks in the field behind the outfield as the Revolution played agains the Road Warriors on Aug. 19, 2011, at Sovereign Bank Stadium.

(Psst — Boomer also stars in his own book!)

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Nice light:

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Maggie Jones of West Manchester Township peruses the donated books for sale at the York County Heritage Trust's 11th annual Book Blast sale on Friday, Aug. 12, 2011, at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum. The York County Heritage Trust Library Committee is hosting its 11th annual Book Blast sale on Aug. 11-13 at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum.

Cute kid:

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Becky Coffman of Dover looks through a kids' craft book as her daughter Alyssa, 17 months, waits in her stroller at the York County Heritage Trust's 11th annual Book Blast sale on Friday, Aug. 12, 2011, at the Agricultural and Industrial Museum. Coffman said she was looking mostly for childrens books, as she and her husband Adam also have a 7-year-old daughter. The sale opened with about 25,000 donated books available, and all proceeds benefit the Heritage Trust.

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As some of you may have already read, I bought a new(ish) camera a few weeks ago.

Earlier this week, I ran a quick roll of film through it, just to make sure it works. You never know with these old(ish) film cameras. The advance wheel could be inconsistent, the shutter could be off, etc. So whenever I’ve used a film camera that’s new to me, I always run a test roll through it.

I’m happy to report that my camera works!

The first roll!

I’m not sure that I’ve figured out how to frame/compose with it yet. It’s a twin-lens reflex. Whereas “what you see is what you get” with single-lens reflex cameras… you don’t quite get what you see in twin-lens reflex bodies.

I’ll figure it out eventually. In the meantime, I’m confident enough to shoot Penn State football games now. *wink wink Brad and Eileen*

Regarding the title of this post — For this camera, I have to “cock” the shutter before I can take a single frame. So yes, I really do have to cock the camera before I can shoot it.

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Went to a dog wash a few days ago. Made pictures. Made a video.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Sheila, a golden retriever belonging to Laura Schmidt of Red Lion, gets washed up at a dog wash on Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011, behind Patton Veterinary Hospital in Red Lion to raise money for Pinups for Pitbulls, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about pitbulls and their temperaments. The staff said they hold at least one dog wash a year to raise funds for various pet-related charities and organizations.

Who doesn’t love seeing dogs shake themselves off after getting washed?

(Answer: No one.)

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I’m not sure why, but when we were in Times Square on Tuesday morning, I decided to open my lens up all the way. f/1.4, baby.

Unfortunately — and I did already know this — the Canon 50/1.4 lens is not sharp at f/1.4. I usually shoot it at f/2.8, at which the sharpness is usually great. But I guess that morning in Times Square, I didn’t give a damn and decided to try shooting at f/1.4. Sure enough, the photos aren’t quite sharp, but I don’t mind. The narrow depth of field and lack of absolute sharpness make Times Square seem almost dreamy.

© 2011. The pedestrian-friendliness of Times Square will never strike me as normal.

© 2011. Body art by Andy Golub.

I continued shooting at f/1.4 for most of the rest of that last day in the city. You’ll see a few of those shots soon.

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Yesterday, about 70 fire apparatus paraded down a three-mile stretch of a state highway. The local high school’s marching band led the way, and people in the area were excited. As with many such assignments, I made sure to get a few photos of the main event (the parade) and then focused my attention on the more interesting aspect, i.e., the people who were watching.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Stacy Johnson and her daughter Savannah, 8, watch from their front yard as the parade approaches on Hanover Street near the Nashville Volunteer Fire Company station on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011.

I also photographed the most precious great-great-grandmother I’ve ever met. She’s also the only great-great-grandmother I’ve ever met. Almost all five generations of her family were represented on her son’s porch that day as the parade passed them by, which I thought was just incredible.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Mary Jane Hoff, 87, coos at her 9-month-old great-great-granddaughter Hailey Kime, held by her son Leroy Hoff, before the parade passed in front of Leroy's porch on Hanover Street on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011.

Mary Jane was wonderful, and so was her entire family. I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet them, if only for the time that passed as we waited for the parade to arrive and as the parade went by.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Mary Jane Hoff, 87 of Jackson Township, takes a picture of the parade as it passes her son Leroy's house on Hanover Road on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011.

The Hoff family’s house wasn’t the only one I visited as the parade inched by. The Johnsons, just a few doors down, were watching, too. (Stacy and Savannah Johnson are featured in the first photo in this post.)

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Ashton Johnson, 3, sucks on the lollipop that was given to him by parade participants as he sits on his front porch and watches the parade pass on Hanover Road on Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011.

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The night of Monday, July 25, was the best. I have wonderful friends.

© 2011. Control Room 1A during NBC's broadcast of "Nightly News with Brian Williams" in the Rockefeller Center. Dexter, a fellow 2010 Poynter College Fellow, gave us an extended tour.

© 2011. Veniero's Pasticceria and Caffé, where my mom, brother and I met Lisa - a 2011 Poynter College Fellow - for amazing dessert and amazing conversation.

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Old Glory

I went to a Revs game last night, on assignment not to shoot the game but rather to feature-hunt. I’ll share those photos once they’re published in a few weeks, but here’s something I “discovered” while traipsing behind outfield.


Privacy screens, curtains or simply a show of patriotism?

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A reporter and I went to York’s first gay pride festival last week.

Once I strolled the circuit a few times and he talked to some of the organizers, we conferred and agreed that although the three-day event included a(n in)famous deejay and a drag show, we’d focus on the street festival itself. The nighttime events would be flashier and a lot more visual, but the organizers had talked about raising awareness and making the festival fun and open to all members of the public. People were bringing their children and dogs as if it were any other festival.

So, the festival it was.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Holding her stuffed puppy, Anastasia Bartleson, 3 of Manchester Township, wears a pink "I Stand With Planned Parenthood" sticker on her shirt at the York Pride 2011 street festival on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011, in the parking lot of Club XS. Bartleson's mother Lindsay recalled that Anastasia once said, on her own, that it's "not fair" that some people think that a gay couple who are family friends aren't "able to love each other."

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. (Left to right) Gage Donagher, 8 of West York borough, and his brother Julian, 6, blow bubbles at the York Pride 2011 street festival as their youngest brother Lukas, 4, tries to get their attention on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011, in the parking lot of Club XS.

The two photos above didn’t run in the paper or online — check out the article to see which ones did — but I’m sharing these because I think each picture is humorous in its own right.

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© 2011. July 25: My uncle's espresso at l laboratorio del gelato, on Houston Street, after our lunch at Katz's Delicatessen.

© 2011. July 25: My mom's bowl of ramen at Ramen Setagaya on St. Marks Place, for dinner.

© 2011. My dinner at Ramen Setagaya: A bowl of edamame.

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One day last week, I spent three hours in a boat. On a lake. On a beautiful day.

Life can be so hard sometimes.

I’d arrived at the Outcast Bass Club’s Thursday Night Lunker Tournament at Lake Marburg just in time to meet with the organizer and have him arrange for me to go out on a boat with two participants. Every Thursday afternoon/evening, participants get to fish on the lake from 5:30 to 8:30 and bring back their biggest catch to be weighed. Whoever brings in the biggest fish for that day wins 1st Lunker, and participants’ weekly tallies will be totaled at the end of the season for cash and other prizes.

So last Thursday, I hung out with Jason and Ryan, who are brothers-in-law, as they fished.

The shadow of Jason Martin, of Reading Township in Adams County, is cast on his brother-in-law Ryan Miller of Hanover as the two fish for bass from the boat they share on Lake Marburg in Codorus State Park on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011.

Jason and Ryan were the leaders in the tournament so far, the organizer told me before he added that I should cut their lines if they caught anything. Each man caught a fish that night…

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Jason Martin of Reading Township in Adams County removes his hook and lure from a largemouth bass he caught in Lake Marburg in Codorus State Park on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011.

…but each bass was just shy of the 15-inch minimum requirement for a fish to be weighed at the end of the night.

Earlier in the afternoon, Jason asked when I’d last gone fishing. I described to him an old photo of my first and last fishing expedition, which took place off a dock in Galveston, Texas. Here’s the photo, which aptly summarizes my brief encounter with a live fish:

Circa 1992 or 1993.

Jason laughed and said that, once they caught a fish, they’d make me hold it before they put it in their aerated tank or tossed it back into the lake. I’m not especially squeamish — it’s just that fish are really bizarre creatures — but I was relieved that, in their hurry to measure the fish and get them back into the lake, we all forgot about Jason’s promise each time they caught a fish.

As we headed back to the landing just before 8:30 p.m., the men asked me what I thought. Most girls and women, they said, find fishing to be exceedingly boring.

Nah, I said, it was relaxing. There are far worse ways to spend three hours than to be on a boat. On a lake. On a beautiful day.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Jason Martin of Reading Township in Adams County lowers his rod after casting out his line near the end of the evening at Lake Marburg in Codorus State Park on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011.

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New camera

My editor was very excited to hear that I’ll be using my new(ish) camera to shoot Penn State football games.

A Mamiya C220 twin-lens reflex, with 80/2.8 lenses.

I think I might be more excited than he is.

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If you have to cover a four-vehicle accident that shut down both directions on a major thoroughfare during evening rush hour, but you get there just as the last ambulance leaves while emergency personnel are taking their time cleaning up, and it turns out that the PIO is on vacation so there won’t be a press release for at least another three hours…

Well, the least you can ask for is some nice light.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. A police detective goes up on a fire engine's turntable ladder to photograph the scene of a four-car accident on Route 30 between Memory Lane and North Hills Road during evening rush hour on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011. The accident closed both lanes for about two hours and sent one driver to York Hospital.

More functional, newspaper-y photos here.

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New York can be very colorful.

© 2011. Doorway on E. 8th Street.

© 2011. The one and only Katz's Delicatessen.

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A few days ago, I went to a picnic in the park. It wasn’t anything too unusual. All the fixings for burgers and hot dogs were set out on the pavilion tables. A few kids were running around while the adults chatted and swatted yellowjackets away as they waited for the charcoal to get hot enough.

The only reason I was at this picnic was this: Almost every adult had a handgun in plain sight.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. With his Colt 1991-A1 pistol in his holster, Matt Dubois of York Township grills burgers for those who attended the open-carry picnic on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, at Glen Rock Community Park in Shrewsbury Township. About a dozen individuals gathered for the picnic with their open-carry firearms.

All the adults said they support and respect open-carry laws, and all were members of a firearm owners association and participate in the organization’s online forum, which is how they decided to have an inaugural picnic so they could all meet each other. If the comments in Teresa’s article are any indication, there’ll probably be a few more such gatherings in the future.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Elizabeth and James Parson of Windsor Township wait for more people to arrive at the open-carry picnic at Glen Rock Community Park on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, in Windsor Township. The Parsons and about a dozen other people who showed up are all members of the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association and participate in the association's online discussion forum.

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…it’s a helluva town.

© 2011. July 25: A storefront window on W. 14th Street.

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Having photographed more York Revolution baseball games than probably any other single team*, I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of shooting baseball.

* No, the “Missouri Tigers” — football, mens basketball, womens basketball, etc., as a collective whole — do not count.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Lancaster Barnstormers second baseman Gilberto Mejia safely steals second base as York Revolution second baseman Ramon Castro misses the ball in the third inning on Thursday, Aug. 3, 2011, at Sovereign Bank Stadium. Mejia reached third base safely in the same play.

Also, thank goodness for high resolution.

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About a month ago, a sports writer and I followed a local biologist as he chased down a young fugitive falcon. This was before the heat waves blistered their way across the county, and it was a beautiful evening in rural York County as we watched and listened to Bruce Fortman while he banded the kestrel fledglings he hopes to track.

This is what I call “the wizard picture” — because he really does seem like a wizard.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Biologist Bruce Fortman of New Freedom weighs a male kestrel chick in his truck bed before banding the chick's leg on Thursday, July 7, 2011, in Springfield Township. Biologist Bruce Fortman, of New Freedom, has been studying migration patterns and population levels of kestrel falcons since 1998. To that end, he is maintaining 23 nest boxes this year -- 21 of which are in York County and 2 of which are in Maryland -- and banding kestrel chicks' legs to keep track of their movements.

And don’t be fooled by these little birds. They may be cute, and they’re the smallest falcons, but their talons are something you don’t want digging into your skin and muscle.

© 2011 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Biologist Bruce Fortman of New Freedom bands the leg of a barely month-old female kestrel fledgling on Thursday, July 7, 2011, in Springfield Township.

Be sure to check out Frank’s article, as well as my video, about Fortman’s efforts to track these birds’ movements.

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