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When I wasn’t chasing landscapes with my Pentax 6×7 during a recent weeklong visit in the Bay Area, I was chasing my niece and nephew with my 5DII throughout their Fremont home, San Francisco and everywhere else.

Fortunately, their mother and my sister-in-law Emily has never known me to be without a camera in hand, so here are some pictures of Layla and Henry, and occasionally Matt and Emily:

© 2016. Eating tacos from Ofelias Taqueria Truck in Fremont.

© 2016. Fremont playground time with Jeff.

© 2016.

© 2016. Henry was just starting to stand on his own when we were there.

© 2016.

© 2016. Henry, crawling up the stairs, watches Layla brush her teeth.

© 2016. Up and about after an afternoon nap.


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