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Two-and-a-half years ago, I completed my first long-ish-term story. It was about Mason — a young boy going through hippotherapy — and it was my first time spending more than a few hours or a day with a story subject.

Recently, I completed another story involving hippotherapy. Unlike Mason, Andrew is going through additional therapies and has more significant obstacles to overcome. You can read Bill’s full story, which involves another family as well, and check out all the photos I put together for the story — but here are a few of my favorite pictures from my time with Andrew, including some that weren’t published:

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Andrew Breault, 7 of York Township, stands up in his saddle atop his horse Clover, with assistance from Leg Up Farm equine director Megan Giordano, to strengthen his core and leg muscles on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. Breault was born with epilepsy and suffers developmental delay, low muscle tone and partial chromosomal deletion. He has gone about 1.5 years without seizures, and in addition to horse therapy at Leg Up, receives speech, physical and occupational therapies elsewhere.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Andrew Breault, 7, right, outstretches his hand for his father Dave to hold as he steers his battery-powered ATV down the family’s York Township street on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. Andrew Breault used to ram his tricycle into objects, but since he began his horse therapy at Leg Up Farm, his steering ability has improved. The Breaults bought him the ATV after seeing how well he was steering one at a friend’s birthday party and deciding it would help reinforce the motions he learns during horse therapy.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Dave Breault administers medicine to his son Andrew, 7, as he and mother Kathleen watch a TV show about large vehicles on Netflix after dinner on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. Andrew Breault’s favorite things are emergency vehicles, but even a show about street sweepers was enough to distract him as his father gave him several different medicines.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Kathleen Breault waits for her son Andrew, 7, to finish steering a toy police cruiser down the stair railing as they get ready to go to Andrew’s horse therapy at Leg Up Farm on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. Andrew’s fascination with emergency and police vehicles extends to a large collection of toy cars on display in his bedroom.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Christopher Breault, 4, and his mother Kathleen wave to Christopher’s brother Andrew through a large viewing window as Andrew undergoes his horse therapy session at Leg Up Farm on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. Father Dave Breault watches from Kathleen’s left.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Kathleen and Dave Breault sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with their son Andrew, 7, as he holds up a small American flag in his bedroom at bedtime on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. Thanks to a slew of therapies, Andrew Breault can now form three- and four-word sentences, but is able to sing the national anthem — his favorite song — because his parents would sing it to him every night.

Interestingly, the behind-the-scenes of this story resembles that of another, one-day story I did in Atlanta. It was the first time I got to spend a significant amount of time just hanging out with a family in their home, and it started out a bit awkwardly. First, they hadn’t been expecting me. Then they asked what they should do for me and my camera, to which I answered that they should just carry on with their day and I’d be as much of a wallflower as possible.

It worked out, much to my astonishment, and I’ve since relished every minute of being a wallflower.

With this story, the Breaults had indeed been expecting me, but they were a little uncertain in front of the camera at first. They soon warmed up, however, and were extraordinarily gracious and open as I tagged along with them to the ice cream shop, Andrew’s therapy and a pre-bedtime run to McDonald’s.

I can say this about any number of families and individuals I’ve met in York, but I’m so thankful, as a photojournalist and as a human, that so many people are as welcoming and wonderful as they are.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Bill’s story and the full slideshow of photos.

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Tonight was my second consecutive year on the Thanksgiving Day shift. It started with turkey and ended with shopping, and I imagine that’s pretty much how this blessed day will be in the foreseeable future.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Volunteer Tina Yeager serves a plate of Thanksgiving dinner to Betty Shawver, 82, who came to the event with her brother-in-law Dave Baughman, 83, and her son Craig Edwards, right, on Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, NOv. 22, 2012, at St. Stephen’s United Church of Christ. A group of 10 friends, calling themselves the “Thanksgiving Dinner Committee,” organized a second annual Thanksgiving dinner for shut-ins and the West York community. Organizer Jean Firestone said volunteers roasted nine turkeys and made 150 pounds of mashed potatoes in anticipation of about 100 people coming to St. Stephen’s United Church of Christ, which offered a venue for the event.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. For the third year in a row, Bobby Brunner of York is camping in a tent outside Re-Source York on Carlisle Avenue for his foundation “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” and to gather donations for the needy. Brunner began camping on Monday, Nov. 19, and plans to do so through Sunday, Nov. 25.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Fran Monbray of West York and her daughter Stefanie Moyar of Spring Garden Township react after finding a Thomas the Tank Engine figurine for less at the West Manchester Township Toys R Us than it is on Amazon.com, on Thanksgiving night on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012. Moyar said she is shopping for her son and two nieces, and has spent the past week comparing ads. Big box stores have extended Black Friday sales into Thanksgiving night, encouraging shoppers to have early Thanksgiving dinners, study ads, get in lines or all of the above.

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Yesterday’s election was the first presidential election I’ve covered as a photographer: In 2008, I wasn’t even halfway through my political reporting stint in the Missouri statehouse. But I’ve covered elections in York County before — in fact, I think my second day on the job at The Daily Record was a primary election night — and yesterday, I went all over the place.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. D.L. “Lucky” Wright departs his polling place at Princess Street Center in York after voting in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.

One thing to note about covering elections in Pennsylvania: Photographers are not allowed to make pictures inside polling places. I’m not sure how a photographer could intimidate or influence a voter in a way that the political candidates and volunteers right outside polling places can’t, but I’m pretty sure that we’re missing out on a lot of neat pictures inside those doors.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Stephen Kline holds the door open for Tricia Dashnaw as they enter Dover Fire and Hose Company to vote in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.

I was assigned to start working at noon, so I missed out on the early-morning lines and crowds… but I did catch a line further north in the county in the evening.

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Jim Spontak, Nicole Hudson and her daughter Jenee, 4, Rick Shaffer and Kim Frischkorn wait in line to vote in the general election at the Newberry Township Municipal Building on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. They said they had been waiting in line for 15 minutes already, and poll workers estimated it would be a 45-minute wait.

And, finally, a friend has for several months waited for me to share my favorite election day photo. Here it is, David:

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News. Jenn Klimchock holds the door of Zion Lutheran Church open for her husband Tim, daughter Emma, 8, and son Jack, 4, after voting for the general election in Manchester Township on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.

Photographing Mario on election day? If you’re not covering the actual presidential campaigns, working on election day doesn’t get much better than a kid still wearing his Halloween costume.

Be sure to check out all the photos we YDR photographers produced yesterday in this slideshow.

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I honestly don’t know if this was THE strangest damage attributable to Hurricane Sandy, but it was the strangest that any of us encountered:

Awning from a neighboring mobile home flew off and sailed this rod into the wall of Carolyn and Kendall Coleman’s mobile home around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in the Tall Oak Estates mobile home park in Dover Township, York County, Pa. Carolyn Coleman, 69, who has lived in this home with her husband for 13 years, said she had been in the other end of the mobile home when “the trailer shook and then I heard the bang and then the crash.” After commenting she wouldn’t be able to replace the wallpaper and the shattered mirror — which she has had for 13 years — she and her husband joked about keeping the rod in place and using it to store toilet paper.

Good thing neither Carolyn nor Kendall was using the toilet when this happened. Here’s a closer look:

© 2012 by The York Daily Record/Sunday News.

You can read more about the mess in the Dover Township area here, and view all our Sandy-related photos here.

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