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The week before we met in New York City, my mom said she wanted to see the High Line. I immediately became excited.

Here’s why: The last time I was in New York City, it was 2009, the High Line had just been opened and, at the Washington Post Digital office, I’d just edited a photo gallery about a woman who lived right next to the High Line and who sang cabaret from her balcony to the park visitors below. So when Jeff and I visited New York City that July, we wanted to see the cabaret. Since her website and Facebook page were still in development, I emailed her to find out when the next show was.

Turned out, we wouldn’t have been able to make it. We were slightly crestfallen.

This time around, I was again slightly crestfallen when my mom made the executive decision that we would walk the High Line on Monday morning. At 9 a.m. Certainly, as Jeff noted, we would not be hearing any cabaret.

As such, I will return to the High Line next time I’m in New York City. And I will go at night. But in the meantime, here’s a slew of photos from our 9 a.m. foray from W. 30th Street all the way down to Gansevoort.

© 2011. Grasslands!

© 2011.

© 2011. A canvas of urban art?

© 2011. My younger brother, being my younger brother.


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I’d never been to Coney Island until this recent trip to New York City.

© 2011. My younger brother, waiting for the sidewalk and my frame to clear before posing for a photo.

It was our first outing upon my arrival in the city — my mom and brother had arrived the day before — and it was a sweltering hot day. None of us had thought to bring swimsuits or towels, so our options were limited to Nathan’s and the boardwalk. I was fine with that: It was too hot to wait in line for the rides or to do anything but eat at Nathan’s, walk around and then eat mango-on-a-stick and Italian ice.

© 2011.

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